The Winston Salem Opportunity Project

A community created by students, for students in Winston Salem, Forsyth County


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About this organization

The Winston Salem Opportunity Project seeks to empower the next generation of leaders, scholars, and career professionals. Through mentorship and enrichment, we provide youth in Winston Salem with the opportunity for sustained academic and personal growth.

Ultimately, we are driven by a single goal - to provide equitable opportunity for success to all youth in Winston Salem.

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What We Do



Mentorship is the cornerstone of our programs. Whether it be one-to-one or group mentoring, the aspect of mentorship provides our participants with a personal support system to aid them throughout the process of growing as a student.

Individualized Academic Enrichment

Our programs are designed to make learning fun. The academic enrichment we provide is student-driven, meaning that students get to engage in the topics they're interested in. Additionally, we focus on project-based learning where participants in our programs acquire knowledge and experience in different topics through hands-on problem solving activities.

Hands-on Career Exposure

We help students work towards a successful future and discover their strengths and interests through career exposure and exploration. Our goal is to make career education as engaging as possible by utilizing hands-on activities to simulate a certain career or career path. Using our community partnerships, we bring in career professionals representing a wide array of career fields to speak about why they love what they do.