Our Current Initiatives

At the Winston Salem Opportunity Project, we are focused on helping youth make and achieve their personal, academic, and career goals. Our programs provide the next generation of leaders, scholars, and career professionals with the resources and support they need for success. Centered around mentorship, personalized academic enrichment, and hands-on career exposure and exploration, our programs are designed to spur both academic and personal growth and development.


Launch - With Big Brothers Big Sisters

Create. Collaborate. Innovate.

Dates: Saturdays - April 2nd, April 23rd, May 14th, May 28th, and June 4th

12 - 1:30 pm

Lunch Provided

All middle school and high school students are welcome.

Launch into learning this semester with the Winston Salem Opportunity Project and Big Brothers Big Sisters. As a continuation of last year’s Career Club Program, the Launch Program seeks to support the next generation of leaders, scholars, and career professionals on their path to success. This program is centered around student-driven and project-based learning and provides all students with the opportunity to learn about and discover topics that interest them. From entrepreneurship to medicine to tech and computer science, students will delve into a diverse array of subjects and engage in them through hands-on projects such as building prosthetic legs or brainstorming a business plan. Each Launch meeting will feature a new topic, often a guest speaker from the community, and fun, collaborative activities that incorporate problem solving and encourage creativity.


Learn to Code


Build a Prosthetic Leg


Become an Entrepreneur

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Learn from Career Professionals


This year, unmatched participants in the program may also have the opportunity to be paired with a high school or college mentor for six months of virtual mentorship.

Through mentorship, academic enrichment, and student support, Launch’s goal is to foster personal and academic growth in a COVID-safe and engaging way. 



In partnership with Wake Downtown

Want to be friends with a scientist? This program offers elementary and middle school the opportunity to receive STEM mentorship from high schoolers, college students, and young professionals. By signing up for the program, your student will meet virtually or in-person with a mentor to discuss STEM topics that interest them.


Transportation Options - Coming Soon

We recognize that some students may have difficulty attending our programs due to transportation needs. As soon as it is safe to due so, transportation will be made available to students who need it.

Want to help ensure that all students can participate in our programs? Donate today so that transportation is not an issue for those who want to attend Launch or our Summer Camps